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Quick links & downloadable forms for Troop4010!

Welcome to Troop4010 virtual library!

Many of the forms & quick links that our Scouts and their parents need are available here!    

This is the first place to check if you need a form or quick info!  If you don't find it here, send the Scoutmaster a message - chances are someone else needs it too!

Dear Adult Leaders & volunteers,
Our chartered organization requires
 that all Troop 4010 leaders & volunteers be trained in their new course SAFE AND SACRED (even if you are currently VIRTUS trained). Now it’s time to take SAFE AND SACRED, and be empowered to protect our youth. Please follow this link, register and let the troops training chair know when you’ve completed your training.  Please click on link below to begin your Certification
  1. SAFE AND SACRED Training 

What Makes a Trained Leader?

A direct contact Scout leader is considered fully trained and entitled to wear the Trained leader emblem when the following training courses are completed:


  • Youth Protection Training is the first step for any new adult volunteer.
  • Fast Start Training is to be delivered immediately  after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth member.
  • This is Scouting for all unit-level leaders
  • Leader Specific Training, which is based on the leader's unit-level position.


  1. Youth Protection Training


Icon File Name Comment  
Adult_Application.pdf Adult BSA application  
Back pack tips.pdf Recommendation: how to pack your back pack!  
Boy Scout Uniform.pdf For specific uniform needs  
CampingGroupGearlist.pdf Suggested Patrol Eq. Checklis/campouts  
CampingPerChecklist.pdf Suggested personal Eq. Checklist/campouts  
CampingTripPlan.pdf A trip planning template  
clothing Warm & cold.pdf Suggested Clothing checklist for outdoor activities  
The Scout Basic Essentials-1.pdf What the scout should have  
troop 10 position responsibility.pdf Troop Positions of Responsibility