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Boy Scout Troop 51
(Lexington, Illinois)
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Packing List

Packing List:

1.       Personal First Aid Kit (Band-aides, etc)

2.       PFDs (Borrow PFDs through Dennis Stott?)

3.       Sleeping Bag

4.       Long Pants

5.       Shorts

6.       Underwear

7.       T-Shirts (Non-offensive!)

8.       Long Sleeve Shirt

9.       Sweatshirt or Jacket

10.    Socks

11.    Handkerchief

12.    Hat (recommend wide brim hat)

13.    Insect Repellant (Pump) – Recommend 100% DEET.

14.    Shoes

15.    Shoes for water

16.    Flashlight with extra batteries

17.    Sunglasses

18.    Swim Suit

19.    1 Roll of Toilet Paper

20.    Toothbrush & Paste

21.    Wash Cloth & Towel

22.    Deodorant (Roll-on / Stick)

23.    Soap (Bar); Shampoo (small – Travel size)

24.    Camera

25.    Small Pillow

26.    Water Bottle

27.    Scout Books & Blue Cards

28.    Merit Badge Paperwork

29.    Small Camp Stool

30.    Fishing Gear (including needle nose pliers, small tackle box)

31.    Small pocket knife

32.    Eating utensils

33.    Sunscreen

34.    P.J.’s

35.    Unscented Diaper Wipes

36.    Class A uniform for church

37.    Class B – Scout shirt T-shirt for bus ride

38.    Passport (If you have one); Certified Birth Certificate under 16

39.    Picture ID

40.    Extra plastic bags and large garbage bags.

41.    Spending $$ ($30-$40 suggested; For snacks on the way up and back, souveniers – remember PST Tax is 17% in Canada

Pack in two duffle bags (Clothes that can be stowed on the bus, another to have with you on the bus ride).

Pack in plastic bags to keep contents dry if bags get wet on the boat ride from Outfitter to Canadian Customs and then on to the Cache Lake Camp