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Cub Scout Pack 419
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Scouting--- A New Language

Some Common Terms and Definitions

Council – This is the overarching group of our area, here in central Georgia.  We are a part of the Central Georgia Council. This is the arm patch you see on our Cub and leader’s uniforms.


District – We are the Robert L. Scott District.


Den – The way the boys in a Pack are divided into their appropriate age groups.  For example: 1st graders are classified as Tigers, and have their own Tiger den.  2nd graders are classified as Wolves, 3rd graders as Bears, 4th graders are Webelos I, and 5th graders are Webelos II.  All these Dens together make up the Pack.


Pack – A group of boys and adult leaders who are registered as Cub Scouts – boys 1st through 5th grade. Our Pack is 419.  The Pack is made up of smaller groups called Dens.


Troop – A group of boys and adult leaders who are registered as Boy Scouts – boys 6th grade or older.


Uniform – There is a standard field (often called “Class A”) uniform that each boy will wear according to which rank he is.  The field uniform consists of the shirt, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, hat, belt, and pants or shorts.  The field uniform is worn to all Pack meetings, Den meetings, and Pack activities (unless noted).  The activities (often called “Class B”) uniform is a pack T-shirt with jeans or shorts.

Pinewood Derby - This is a classic annual Scouting event.  It's a pretty big deal.  The boys will receive a block of pinewood in a little kit.  Then the Cubs can create their own car to race against their peers at the annual Pinewood Derby Race!  Our Pinewood Derby race is held in February.

Blue and Gold banquet – This is the birthday dinner for the Cub Scout Program.  It is held in February, the anniversary month for the Boy Scouts of America.  The BSA was organized in February 1910.  This is the time when most scouts earn their badge of rank i.e. Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc.  The Pack’s big event gets its name from the Cub Scout colors.  Blue and Gold banquets are held throughout the month of February by packs all across the country.


Day Camp – A time when Scouts can enjoy special activities geared toward their age group. During camp boys may be challenged with archery, BB gun shooting, field sports, swimming, nature, and crafts. 


Program Helps – This is a guide for the Leaders in our pack.  It is very helpful and spells out potential den meeting ideas.


Den Chief – These are boys from an area Boy Scout troop.  Their role is to assist in a Cub Scout den with various activities, such as gathering activities and games or crafts.  Not every den has a Den Chief.


Denner/Asst Denner – A boy within his own den fills these roles.  He may take role call or handle various other tasks that the Den leader assigns.  He gets to wear the gold Denner Cord on his shoulder as part of his uniform for his term (usually one month).  Not all Dens have a Denner.