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Boy Scout Troop MIHT168
(Port Huron, Michigan)
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MIHT Troop 168 Forms

Please fill out these forms for this year's trip:

Icon File Name Comment  
01 2023 Announcement Letter.pdf 2023 Announcement Letter  
02 2023 Welcome Letter.pdf 2023 Welcome Letter  
03 2023 Application for Service.pdf 2023 Application for Service  
04 2023 Code of Conduct.pdf 2023 Code of Conduct  
05 2023 Statement of Understanding.pdf 2023 Statement of Understanding  
06 2023 Equipment List.pdf 2023 Equipment List  
07 2023 Authorization for treatment and release.pdf 2023 Authorization for Treatment and Release  
08 2023 Important Trip Information.pdf 2023 Important Trip Information  
680-001_ABC.pdf 2023 Medical Forms and Parts A-B-C  

Red Jacket Order Form

Below is a copy of the form, if you would like to order a red jacket.  Orders must be in by April to Mr. or Mrs. Fountain.  (We thank Mr. and Mrs. Fountain for volunteering to organize this as a service for the troop.)

Cost is $30 ($34 for a 2XL)

Please make checks payable to Lisa Fountain

Questions call 810-841-5472

Icon File Name Comment  
MIHT Troop 168 Red Jacket.pdf  

Carpool Information

Please understand that the Troop does not provide transportation to or from Mackinac Island.  The parent of each Scout must provide transportation, or arrange for their Scout's transportation, for the trip to Mackinaw City and back home.   Regardless of how a Scout is traveling, the Troop's adult leadership must know who will be transporting each Scout.

The Troop will assist with transportation through the organization of carpooling.  All carpooling is provided by the Scout parents on a volunteer basis.  The Troop does not reimburse for fuel.

Please complete the form below whether your Scout needs to carpool with an adult volunteer driver or not.  This information must be provided to the Troop by June 1st or the Troop will assume your Scout does not need transportation by carpool.
Icon File Name Comment  
09 2023 Carpool Information.pdf 2023 Carpool Information  

Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale Fundraiser Forms

Please see the forms below regardiing our annual Pancake Breakfast and Bake Sale.  

This is the ONLY fundraiser the troop has to offset the costs of the trip.   Please help promote the breakfast and bake sale.
Icon File Name Comment  
10 2023 Pancake Breakfast Flyer.pdf 2023 Pancake Breakfast Flyer  
11 2023 Annual Bake Sale Flyer.pdf 2023 Bake Sale Flyer  
12 2023 Church Breakfast Letter.pdf 2023 Church Breakfast Letter