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Girl Scout Troop 61942
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Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.
A circle is round, it has no end. That's how long I want to be your friend.

Why Be a Girl Scout?
21 Skills Girl Scouts Learn That Make Them Awesome Adults

1. You learned at a young age how to perfect the art of humble-bragging.

2. You understood the importance offostering a strong network with professionals.

3. You applied creativity andinnovation to come up with unique projects.

4. You learned how to slay thebusiness casual attire before most.

5. You recognized how mentoringcontributes to the personal growth and success of others.

6. You discovered how to holdproductive business meetings.

7. You learned why collaboration andteamwork are integral for professional development.

8. You gained expertise in financialliteracy.

9. You created meaningful methods tofacilitate community engagements.

10. You practiced time management byallocating a specific period for tasks.

11. You were given the necessarytools for efficient problem-solving.

12. You learned how to stay calm whenhandling emergency situations.

13. You mastered negotiation skillsto maintain working relationships.

14. You developed communication toolsto establish good rapport.

15. You used project management toensure successful completion of sales.

16. You learned extensive methods ofinterpreting and analyzing data.

17. You were given hands-on experiencein garnishing and cooking meals.

18. You gained knowledge acquisitionthrough observational learning.

19. You accomplished tasks thatrequired a strong, manual dexterity.

20. You proved how physical strengthis advantageous to job performance.

21. You gained a confident mindset toachieve your goals and dreams.

Girl Scouts, you’re all rock stars!