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Boy Scout Troop 55
(Clinton, Connecticut)
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Troop 55 Photos

Our photos are loaded on SmugMug at the below link.  Use the password provided by the Scoutmaster

23NOV19 Page Guptill's Eagle Project at Bailey's Dog Park

4-5FEB2017 Skiing at Bromley in VT

4DEC2016 Christmas In Clinton

3DEC2016 West Haven VA Hospital

18-20NOV2016 The Feast at Cockaponsett Site E

6NOV2016 Aidan Esposito Eagle Scout Court of Honor

3NOV2016 Troop Court of Honor

OCT2016 White Memorial Conservation Center, Litchfield CT

SEP2016 Cockaponsett Site C

JUL2016 JN Webster BSA Summer Camp

JUN2016 RI Air Show/Camp Aquapaug

MAY2016 Memorial Weekend Coffee Break

MAY2016 Cockaponsett Canoe Trip

APR2016 Deer Lake Crossover

MAR2016 BSA Camp Mattatuck 49'rs Cabin with Webelos II

FEB2016 Skiing at Bromley in VT

NOV2015 The Feast at Cockaponsett Site E

OCT2015 White Memorial Conservation Center, Litchfield CT

APR2015 Deer Lake Crossover

MAR2015 Mattatuck

FEB2015 Skiing at Bromley VT

NOV2014 The Feast

OCT2014 White Memorial Conservation Center Litchfield CT

SEP2014 Cockaponset

JUL2014 JN Webster Summer Camp

JUN2014 Maine White Water Rafting

MAY2014 Deer Lake

APR2014 West Point NY

MAR2014 Mattatuck

FEB2014 Klondike

FEB2014 Skiing at Bromley VT

DEC2013 NY City

NOV2013 The Feast

OCT2013 Cockaponsett

2013 Tadma Survivor Camporee

SEP2013 Adirondike Hike

2013 Summer Camp

2013 Gettysburg Second Folder
Gettysburg First Folder

APR2013 Deer Lake Crossover

MAR2013 Mattatuck

FEB2013 Skiing at Bromley

NOV2012 The Feast

OCT2012 Cockaponsett

JUL2012 Summer Camp

2012 Washington DC

APR2012 Deer Lake

2012 Winter Carnival

2012 Klondike at Camp Tadma

FEB2012 Skiing at Bromley

2011 Hatfield

NOV2011 The Feast

2011 Cape Cod

JUL2011 Summer Camp

2011 Maine White Water Rafting

2011 Winter Carnival

2010 Delaware Canoe Trip Videos

2010 Delaware Canoe Trip Pictures

2012 BlogSpot website