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Boy Scout Troop 55
(Clinton, Connecticut)
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Troop 55 Eagle Scouts

2021  Noah Borkowski
2021  Connor Dowd
2021  Connor Loth 
2021  Page Guptill
2021  Seamus Jenkins
2021  Colby Dowd 
2020  Sozon Albanis 10NOV2020
2019  Liam Whittel 11OCT2019
2018  Will Riccio 23APR2019
2018  Ben Buzzeo 20DEC2018
2017  Kyle Neumann
2017  Kiefer Neumann on 25OCT2017

2016  Aidan Esposito on 2MAR2016
2015  Charles A. Bencivengo
2015  Sam Moran
2013  London A. Minta

2013  Matthew K. Yudkin
2012  Chad P. Paradis
2012  Tyler J. Costello
2011  Charles E. Hill
2011  Jacob T. Gerte
2007  Thomas R. Gerte
2007  Benjamin C. Shorey
2007  Michael J. Levenduski
2007  Andrew S. Desrosiers
2006  Daniel Vincelette
2006  Zachary Borg
2006  Andrew Christie
2004  Stephen Bukowsky
2003  Andrew Bertelli
2003  Edward Eininger
2003  K. Chadwick Carlough
2002  Ryan Bowen
2002  Brian McDermott
2001  Mathew Belous
2000  Andrew Connell
2000  Jason Hand
2000  Richard Vincelette
1998  Theodore Doucette
1998  Christopher Hand
1998  David Schmidt
1996  Glenn Robert Colvin
1993  Brandon Zwick
1993  Phillip Bergeron
1991  Russell Bowman
1989  Andrew Doucette
1988  Bill Montague
198?  Kaj Sumner
1985  Brian Wilson
1978  Larry Wright
1978  Dan Lewis
1978  Dan McGrath
1976  David Nance

The Legend of Eagle Mountain

    Early one morning a young boy stood at a trailhead.  Before him rose a mighty mountain, which seemed all the mightier when compared with his smallness.  A trail led to the mountain and then up it to incredible heights before vanishing in the clouds.  On this trail the boy could see other boys and young men, some of whom turned and beckoned him to follow.  The boy began to climb, refusing perhaps to believe that he could reach the top.  At first the trail rose gently, and the boy had many companions.  But soon he began to sweat and breathe heavily, and many of his companions turned away.  And still the boy climbed.  At times he climbed quickly.

    At times he climbed slowly.  At times he had to go down a little ways to find another path or stop a while to catch his breathe.  But still he climbed.  The trail became steeper, the air thinner, but the climber scarcely noticed for he had, along the way, become stronger of body and hardier of spirit.  And still he climbed.  And finally in the cool peace of the evening time, he stood alone at the top of the world and looked around him.  To the left he saw a fiery golden sunset.  To the right he saw a diamond-studded, silky-black night sky.  Behind him, he saw the trail that he had followed and the hikers who were following in his footsteps.

    And in front of him he saw another mountain. And another. And another. And a whole procession of mountains marching off to the horizon.  But the young man (for now he was a man) knew that none of these other mountains were insurmountable, that all could and would be climbed.  For he had learned many skills in the climbing of the first mountain, and he would carry those skills with him long after this mountain was forgotten.  And besides, he could begin climbing the next mountain tomorrow.  Today he would rest and celebrate and ponder the journey that he had completed.

    And so today, we pause to rest and celebrate and honor this fine young man, Eagle Scout Candidate [First Last Name], as he stands at the top of the world and looks around him.

                                                                                                                        ~Author Unknown