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Girl Scout Troop SU122
(Woodland, California)
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Adult Mentoring Opportunities

We welcome and encourage adults who have a teachable skill or talent to step forward and offer their expertise or experience with leaders 

and / or girls.

Example, if you have experience as a dance instructor, or have simply danced for years and are willing to offer to hold an event or be on a list 

to on occasion train leaders or troops something of this skill, we would love to hear from you.

It could be anything – painting, drawing, leatherwork, sewing, computer skills, cooking, chemistry, dance, outdoor camp skills, archery, 

a sport, or some other useful, teachable skill or talent.

We are happy to host an event for leaders and /or girls, or to post your information for all troops so they can reach out and utilize some of your 

expertise to teach a new skill.

If you're interested, please contact the SU through the contact tab.

Thank you for considering this important task!

                                                                                                               Thank you, Girl Scout volunteers!