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About Our Pack and Cub Scouting

Our pack is made up of young boys, grades 1st through 5th, generally from the Zeeland (Michigan) school system. Each grade level defines the rank that the boys are in that year. Every rank will (usually) consist one or two dens - of about six to ten boys for each den. As the boys move up in grade they also move up in rank. The Webelos II then graduate ("bridge") over to a Boy Scout troop. 

Rank       School Grade
Tigers            1st
Wolves          2nd
Bear              3rd
Webelos I      4th
Webelos II     5th

Our leadership is made up from cub scout parents who volunteer. In general our leadership consists of lead and assistant den leaders, activity chairpeople, and committee members. We have a Committee Chairperson who oversees (non-den) leadership and general operations of the pack. The Cub Master, and assistant Cub Masters, provide guidance and direction for the dens - both leaders and the cub scouts - including organizing the monthly pack meetings.

There is a wide range of information about Cub Scouting through our national website:

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Want more information about becoming a cub scout? Send us an e-mail to get all the information you need.