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Boy Scout Troop 49
(Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
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Troop Activities 2016

Eagle Cave- January 29-31
Glacial Trails Hike- May 6-8 (Philmont scouts only)
Home Improvement Camp- June 3-5
Long Lake Summer Camp- July 10-16
Gardner Dam Summer Camp- July 24-30
Philmont- August 6-20

If Interest:
Long Lake Troop Shoot- April 29-30
Sparta Bike Trail in Fall
Devils Lake Camporee- September 30- October 2

Troop Activities 2015

Winter Camp at Camp Phillips
Camp Goof Off
Troop Leadership Training Day
Outdoorsman Camp
Home Improvement Camp
Dog Show Cleanup at Olympia
Long Lake Summer Camp
Gardner Dam Summer Camp
Boundary Waters
Glacier National Park
Devil's Lake Camporee

Troop Activities 2014

Eagle Cave Weekend
Camp Goof Off
Troop Leadership Training Day
Merrimac Caverns, St Louis
Home Improvement Camp
Sea Base High Adventure Camp
High Adventure Shooting Camp
Rock River Canoe Trip

Troop Activities 2013

Winter outdoor camp and Kalahari weekend
Camp Goof Off at IMR
Troop Leadership Training Day
Home Improvement Camp
Trip to Merrimac Caverns, St. Louis
Mini Golf Cantina Night
Week at Camp Long Lake
Week at Gardner Dam BSA Camp
Cycling Merit Badge bike rides
Philmont Scout Ranch
Devil's Lake Hike and Campout
Camp Half-Cub for Webelos
Costume Party Cantina Night
Engineering Merit Badge at Harley-Davidson Museum